The S-Class Saloon.

Feel Intelligent Drive.


Vehicle highlights

Discover fascinating features.

The S-Class Saloon unites your work and living environment at the highest level. Materials, ambience and workmanship in the interior fulfil the diverse requirements of a luxury saloon. In addition, it is part of an S-Class's DNA to present technological innovations which have not yet featured in any automobile up until now.

Exterior design

The confident path between style and luxury.
Delicately drawn lines and distinctive details lend the S-Class Saloon even more presence without ever being obtrusive.

Interior design

The saloon with the best deceleration.
The interior of the S-Class Saloon makes you forget the outside world – with sophisticated surfaces, tasteful materials and displays that appear to float freely.


Highest level of comfort for the highest level of concentration.
Like a runner who compensates every change in direction with his body perfectly naturally, the optional MAGIC BODY CONTROL with curve inclination function automatically responds to acceleration forces in curves. This and many other innovations make travelling in the S-Class Saloon tangibly more comfortable for your passengers.


Stress-relieving comfort at the highest level.
The S-Class Saloon captures your environment with even greater precision and anticipation. It can react even faster and thereby alleviate even more hazards from the start. Above all, it relieves the driver and other passengers more effectively than ever before.
Safety higlights:
  • Driving Assistance package
  • PRE-SAFE® Impulse
  • Head-up Display
  • Remote Parking package


All-wheel drive – assured in any situation.
Power and control.
When you drive an S-Class Saloon, you get used to the fact that you reach your destination – even in poor conditions. 4MATIC permanent all-wheel drive provides for optimum traction in all driving and road conditions.
Ensuring you arrive safely and comfortably:
4MATIC all-wheel drive
Acceleration skid control (ASR)
ESP® Electronic Stability ProgramESP®
Curve Dynamic Assist

The MULTIBEAM LED headlamps react extremely quickly to the current road and traffic conditions with individually controllable LEDs. The partial main beam leaves out any detected road users – on an open, straight road the ULTRA RANGE main beam switches to the maximum headlamp range permitted by law.

Head-up display*
The outlook for sporty driving pleasure and effortlessly superior driving feel is good: the head-up display transforms your windscreen into an exciting digital cockpit. As such you always have a direct view of key information. Your full attention remains on the road and the traffic conditions in front of you.

The S-Class Saloon    

S-Class Saloon price list

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